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CALL FOR PAPERS «Understanding and Tackling the Roots of Insecurity: Terrorism, Transnational Organised Crime and Corruption»


CALL FOR PAPERS «Understanding and Tackling the Roots of Insecurity: Terrorism, Transnational Organised Crime and Corruption»

University of Glasgow
Glasgow, United Kingdom

3 September, 2014 – 6 September, 2014
Application Deadline: 10 February, 2014
Event Announcement
Panel on Non-State Responses to Terrorism, Organised Crime and Corruption

Terrorism, organized crime and corruption are often cited as key threats to (inter-)national security and as such, the fight against them is generally considered to be a key task for national governments worldwide. In several areas, however, private rather than public entities have shouldered the bulk of the burden of this fight. This panel therefore focuses on the role public-private partnerships (the business community) and non-governmental organisations (mass media, NGOs) have in countering terrorism, organised crime and corruption.We aim to gather both empirical case studies and theoretical papers. If you are interested, please e-mail a short abstract (250 words) including full affiliations to the panel chairs: Daniela Irrera and Oldrich Bures Deadline: February 10, 2014.

Daniela Irrera, PhD
Assistant Professor of Political Science and IR
University of Catania
Department of Political and Social Sciences
Via Vittorio Emanuele 49
95131 Catania – Italy
tel. +39 095 7347 256
Skype Daniela.Irrera

Adjunct Professor of Political Science
College of Global Studies
Arcadia University



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